Our maxi van is mainly suitable for travelers traveling in a large group. It has enough space for the passenger’s big and weighty traveling bags. Our drivers spare no efforts to offer sufficient adequate and other pleasurable needs to the passengers for their satisfaction. Our maxi van can effortlessly transfer 11 passengers at one single time.

  • A perfect choice for transferring large size articles which cannot be adequately fixed in other normal cars.
  • It is an ideal choice for transferring school children to and from school
  • Our cab drivers are well- knowledgeable and highly trained
  • Our maxi-vans have suitable wheelchairs in it.
  • Our maxi van is passable for the passengers traveling in a big group and seeking transportation services from Melbourne Airport to official  meeting and conference
  • Our maxi-vans are well-ventilated coupled with well-furnished seats
  • A feasible alternative for a group tour, official tours, family holidays, and Melbourne airport transfers
  • Our maxi van has passable legroom for the traveler’s ease
  • An optimum alternative for transferring large-size article which could not able to fix easily in other ordinary cars.

Enjoy your comfortable and secure journey in our cleaned and luxury maxi vans.

Call us immediately for booking our maxi-vans at the moderate price